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Another full-automatic enamel production line for water heater inner tanks has entered the shipment and installation state
Time: 2020-8-6   Hits: 553 

      Our company contracted Wuhan Haier water heater Co., Ltd. the third automatic, intelligent, information water heater tank automatic cleaning, enamel, drying, firing production line, the whole set of production equipment began to be shipped, installed and debugged.

      This automatic enamel production line is the 13th automatic enamel production line provided by our company to the production bases of Haier Group.

      Project Description On June 10, 2020, tianmeixin group, relying on its strong company strength, rich experience in enamel industry, advanced technology, good product quality, efficient production efficiency and high-quality after-sales service, signed the contract of "automatic cleaning enamel line for water heater liner" with Haier Group Wuhan Haier water heater Co., Ltd.

      The "automatic cleaning enamel line for water heater tank" adopts processes and technologies such as fully unmanned automatic spray cleaning pretreatment, robot automatic loading and unloading, robot automatic enamel coating, drying and firing. The equipment operation parameters include production capacity, process parameters, energy consumption and other large data real-time acquisition, transmission and other intelligent management technology, all of which are patented by our company. This project has many advantages, such as high degree of automation, informatization and intelligence, high efficiency of equipment production, good production environment, low comprehensive energy consumption, environmental protection, mixed production of various specifications of workpieces, and small floor area.

      In order to speed up the construction period and ensure the production, after undertaking the project, our company quickly established a project team composed of the company's core technical engineers, adhering to the concept of customer first, relying on their highly professional technical ability, actively using the most advanced technology in the industry, constantly innovating and optimizing each structural design, striving to meet the requirements of customers and ensuring product quality Under the premise of, as far as possible to promote equipment delivery and installation, early production, as soon as possible to create value for customers.

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      Farewell to busy July and usher in a new August. Tianmei new professional coating equipment manufacturing will uphold the spirit of professionalism, dedication, continuous innovation and strive for perfection, and strive to build a bridge for you to transform science and technology into productivity.

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