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Today, we're going to work. Good luck!
Time: 2020-2-13   Hits: 439 

      After several days of hard preparation, Tims Group applied for resumption of work on February 9 in strict accordance with the requirements for resumption of work and epidemic prevention formulated by the government. Yesterday, after the strict preliminary examination and reexamination of the government's anti epidemic headquarters, the anti epidemic measures of Tianmei new company have met all the requirements of the government's resumption of work and approved the resumption of work.

      Today, we're going to work. Good luck!

Commencement ceremony in 2020

(more than 60% of Hubei employees and other employees in severe epidemic areas failed to return to work)

All departments enter into working state

      Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Zhu Haixiao, general manager, announced that the important work of the company is to cooperate with the government in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The company has set up a new prevention and control group for pneumonia. He is the group leader and the first person in charge. Wu Haibo, deputy general manager and Li Dong are the Deputy group leaders, and the heads of all departments are the members. The company has formulated a series of prevention and control measures in strict accordance with the requirements of the government. It is hoped that all employees, based on the principle of being responsible for themselves, their families, the company, the society and the country, will strictly implement the prevention and control measures, wash their hands frequently, rub their eyes carefully, wear masks, do not have meals, go out less, and disinfect frequently, so as to protect themselves, not be infected, not infect others, not let their families worry, not make trouble for the company, not burden the society, and make contributions to the country Help the government to win the prevention and control of the epidemic!

      Secondly, in the current severe economic situation, Tianmei new company still adheres to the established policy of 2020 operation, and still focuses on second-hand Hardware: technological innovation, technology market; cost control, and cost management and control. Grasp the expansion of international market and the deep cultivation of domestic high-end market! Technological innovation and international market expansion are our hard core tasks. Cost control and profit guarantee are the hard core indicators for the company's survival and development.
      In 2020, we will forge ahead, forge ahead, and work together to overcome difficulties!
      The new year's blessing has not faded, and the sound of firecrackers still lingers in my ears. In order to pursue the good omen of new year's auspiciousness, the company will distribute the commencement profits to all employees at the end of the commencement ceremony. In the laughter, Tianmei new group announced the official commencement!

Some employees attending the commencement ceremony

(more than 60% of Hubei employees and other employees in severe epidemic areas failed to return to work)

      Open the door to celebrate, step to the end of the spring. In a laughter, ushered in today's play: start firing salute! The sound of firecrackers is heard, and money keeps flowing.

Wish Tims Group in the new year, sail again, brilliant again!

      Wish our country win the battle of prevention and control of epidemic as soon as possible, the country is peaceful and the people are safe!

      The spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia affects every heart of the whole nation. At this special moment, Tianmei new group entered into a state of preparation for the war at the first time. It always pays attention to the development of the epidemic situation. It is preparing the epidemic prevention materials of the factory, frequently disinfecting, raising materials, and strictly controlling. No one can be missing!

      As the first gate, the company disinfects all vehicles, registers and measures the temperature of employees, and disinfects the articles they carry. The company has strict protective measures for employees entering and staying in the factory, and constantly monitors whether each employee wears a mask.

       In order to ensure the life, health and safety of employees, the company organized strict disinfection preparation before the commencement, disinfected the office building area, production workshop, equipment and facilities, public areas outside the apartment and dormitories every day, ensuring the safety of employees' living and working environment after the resumption of work.

      Thermometer, mask, disinfectant, alcohol, protective drugs... Epidemic prevention materials have been fully prepared.

      At the same time, the daily temperature detection points and isolation rooms in the factory have been in place, and all-round care for the employees is made to grasp the health status of each employee.




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